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NBA 2K18 Gameplay News: Shaquille O'Neal Gets the Legend Edition Cover
It was recently announced that the licensed video game simulation of the National Basketball Association will launch its "NBA 2K18" installment in September with Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal on the Legend Edition's cover.
O'Neal has been in past releases of the "NBA 2K" games but he is usually at the sidelines for hosting duties. That changes in "NBA 2K18" as he returns in the game as a legendary basketball player sporting his former playing uniforms.
Meanwhile, publisher 2K Sports has also confirmed that the game will be released on Sept. 19 for the Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PlayStations 3 and 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
O'Neal was in attendance during the announcement where the Legend Edition Gold cover was also unveiled. The golden print features The Big Aristotle crushing a slam dunk in his LA Lakers jersey.
The NBA Hall of Famer, also nicknamed the Diesel, contributed a lot during his stay in the Lakers where he managed to aid the team in getting three championship trophies.
With O'Neal known for the ability to crack a good joke, 2K Games confirmed "NBA 2K18" with a funny trailer featuring O'Neal. Another NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, was also in the teaser video where he manipulated the teleprompter and tricked O'Neal into making weird comments about his teeth.
By the end of the trailer, O'Neal warns Bryant, "This ain't over, Kobe. Payback's gonna be fun."
Bryant was the featured athlete in "NBA 2K17's" Legend Edition Gold cover. The two have also won a couple of championships together while playing for the LA Lakers.
The Legend Edition ($99.99) comes with an early access (Sept. 15), 100,000 worth of Virtual Currency or the in-game money that can be used in the MyCareer mode, a poster of O'Neal, trading cards and stickers. Meanwhile, the Legend Edition Gold ($149.99) version gets all the mentioned items plus five more trading cards, 150,000 additional Virtual Currency, and 20 more card packs to arrive on a weekly basis.
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